Admissions Process

With a physician’s referral, we admit patients/residents from almost any health care setting including:

  • Hospital Intensive Care Units
  • Hospital Medical and Surgical Units
  • Rehabilitation Hospitals
  • Physician’s Offices
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities (for patients/residents who need respiratory therapy & tracheostomy/ventilator management)

Many of our patients/residents are admitted with various conditions including respiratory issues (ventilator dependent); infectious diseases, advanced wounds that are not healing properly, and several other medically complex conditions.

Our referral line is open 7 days-a-week.

We coordinate a medical evaluation, complete insurance verification/pre-certification and educate both the patient/resident and families of what they can expect during their stay. Our admissions department works closely with a patient/resident’s physicians and case managers, as well as the other healthcare providers, to make a patient/resident’s transition to Promise Skilled Nursing Facility of Wichita Falls a seamless process.

For more information about admissions, call 940.763.7973